The Hank Solutions Story

Hank Solutions Limited was incorporated in 2010. The UK based company was formed based on a bespoke development for a large global chemical distributor, with the vision of bringing the industry together to work with each other.

With a fully compliant CLP system in place Hank began work on customising the software to be used by other companies and to use other legislations. During this time, it became apparent that the CLP bulk notification tool provided by ECHA was unsuitable for their client to use, so Hank had to design and build a new tool, capable of compiling notifications for over 15,000 items from their clients massive range of 50,000+ compounds.

Having the notifications finished by the 1st December deadline, Hank worked towards finishing their safety data sheet and labelling software. Having contacted many label software companies around the UK, it became apparent that no software was available for the exact needs of their client and indeed similar companies within the research and development sector of the chemical industry, so they set to work developing SDS Online, a truely unique, global software solution for safety data sheets and labels.

The SDS Online application has now developed even further and has morphed into My Chemical Data the complete solutions for managing and maintaining your chemical inventory whilst keeping you compliant with GHS.