Developing My Chemical Data

Here at Hank Solutions we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, always looking to improve our software and move it in the direction driven by the demand of our customers. Our My Chemical Data application is an ever evolving application and with it being online, changes made can be rolled out quickly and efficiently across the board. If you have a feature request for the application please contact or use the contact us form on this site.

Bespoke Development

We can also apply our expertise as software developers in the chemical industry on a consultancy basis. We are able to write bespoke applications for your needs using the latest Microsoft .net technology. With our knowledge of the chemical sector this gives us a massive advantage over other software developers available. Let us know your requirements and we will work to find an elegant solution or use the contact us form on this site.

ChemAxon Integrations.

With our extensive knowledge of integrating the ChemAxon tools into our applications over the years we now have the confidence we can offer our development skills to you as a service. Below are examples of some of the applications we have built.

  • Automatic grouping of chemicals into structure trees.
  • Standardizing structures so that different structure drawing techniques can be determined as one.
  • Fast structure searching (duplicate, markush, similarity, sub structure, superstructure and fragment searching) including options on tautomers and stereo chemistry
  • Replacing the very basic Peter Ertl structure drawing tool with the powerful Marvin4js.
  • Exporting all structures as image files.